Necronomicon? Nope. Book of Shadows? Not on your nelly. That book that gin swilling, unfeasibly good looking (book dealers rarely are… though there is usually plenty of gin) Johnny Depp is chasing in the Ninth Gate?

The Ninth Gate

Book dealing really is as exciting as this – give it a go sometime…

Sorry, no. You see these are NOT REAL. A case could be made for a kind of Book of Shadows type thing I suppose, but I haven’t seen one yet, and it seems unlikely there is an unbroken chain of secretive pagan mumbo-jumbo being passed down through the centuries anyway. I could be wrong. As usual. Yet again.

What I do want to show, tell and generally get a bit fast clappy and squeeing about are your actual occult, esoteric, alchemical, witchcraft, kabbalistic and general magic (with or without the ‘K’) type books – with the odd manuscript and letter thrown in.

I’ve been dealing in rare and first edition books for 15 years; 11 of which I’ve focussed on the occult and esoteric. I thought it was about time I shared some of this amazing stuff, because I know most people have little other access to this sort of material beyond creased paperbacks or PDFs. These originals are often beautiful books, filled with fantastic imagery and symbolism, printed on gorgeous paper and bound in all sorts of lovely ways. They rock. Oh yes they do.

From now on, anytime anything of an intriguing magical nature comes my way I’ll try and share it through some probably rather poor words, but hopefully at least some nice pictures.

Libris legitur occulta!

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2 Responses to Greetings!

  1. Peter Alexander Vaughn says:

    Honestly, your site is looking to be a most intriguing place and I’m looking forward to reading your words and looking at your collection. Definitely following.

  2. dantemathers says:

    Thank you – encouraging comments at this early stage are most welcome!

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