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So Summer slips away through the fingers of Autumn…

…and I’m thinking of things passed. As a book dealer, it sometimes feels like I’m a small island in a wide and slow river. Books get washed ashore, I care for them awhile, sometimes nursing them back to health or … Continue reading

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Nothing for 150 years then BANG!

In 1651 someone finally got round to translating Agrippa’a masterpiece of Renaissance magic: Three Books of Occult Philosophy into English . It was originally published in 1533, so no points for haste there. However the wait was even longer for … Continue reading

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The Twelve Keys of Me

So after two weeks of frantically clearing a bedroom out, fighting PayPal every step of the way (‘your account must be upgraded’ ‘your account has been limited’ ‘your account funds will be held for 21 days’ ‘your very soul will … Continue reading

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