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Post Scriptum – A. E. Waite

I had a lot of response to my post on visiting A. E. Waite’s grave and a few people mentioned they would pay a visit themselves. I’m very happy to share that one of them, Suzanne Corbie (www.suzannecorbie.co.uk), not only went … Continue reading

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“There is only one thing…”

If you take the old Dover Road (now the A2) for about four miles south east of Canterbury and then turn down Frog Lane, a straight road with sheep grazing peacefully either side kept safe by iron wrought fencing, you … Continue reading

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Gasp! Black Magic…

Well let’s start with an obvious one shall we? It was good enough for  Aleister Crowley: the copy he bought as a 22 year old student at Cambridge University started his whole ‘let’s have a stab at this magic thing…’ and look where that got him. Here, … Continue reading

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