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Desire the Fire…

A cursory glance across 17th and 18th Century German esoteric tracts reveals a great fondness for impenetrable diagrams, symbols and to be honest, some quite bonkers looking cosmology. Influenced by the works of their own Heinrich Khunrath and mystic apprentice … Continue reading

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So Summer slips away through the fingers of Autumn…

…and I’m thinking of things passed. As a book dealer, it sometimes feels like I’m a small island in a wide and slow river. Books get washed ashore, I care for them awhile, sometimes nursing them back to health or … Continue reading

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Nothing for 150 years then BANG!

In 1651 someone finally got round to translating Agrippa’a masterpiece of Renaissance magic: Three Books of Occult Philosophy into English . It was originally published in 1533, so no points for haste there. However the wait was even longer for … Continue reading

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